Snow Muffle

I could hear
and everything
this morning.

Snow, like soft caress
on my cheeks,
neck reaching back,
my eyelids closing to crystalline cool.

The dog sniffs.
base of a tree and circles,

his thick black coat
now patterned. Filigree, seeming
to perch on tips of fur.

Duck wings whistle in a white sky, unseen.

A warm light emits from a front window.
I pause.  Dog sniffs.
A woman, elbow resting on the sofa,
bounces a string again
and again.
The cat pounces.
Coffee in her other hand,
she knows the magic moment.

As do I,
making first footprints
of the morning.

Photograph taken in Winnipeg in 2008.

Photo credit.

Narrative: First Snow

Goose! Goose!


Perturbation of the air.
I pull my cold limbs
tighter to my body
nestle my nose into the
thick grey fur of my coat.
Something stronger than the
icy cold pulls me out of
slumber and I
sit alert, hot air blowing out
white marks on the crystal wind.

The cacophony
draws me to the
waddling birds.
I see only warm bodies
satisfying quiver
of life, my life
in the first snow.

Barely a whisper
walking closer
slightly below the bank.
They are unaware,
pecking at the cold ground.

It seems interminable.
The journey.
The walk; the stalking.
Feet sink in white snow.
Louder honking, honking, HONK
I pick up speed, stay low…
the cold air on my eyes.
I leap into the circle of voices
and all is a rush, a flurry
as the birds, as one,
reach into the white sky.

I turn into the
dark umber growth
on the ridge.

Wet Snow

I looked outside this morning and for the first time this November, round molded snow lies over everything.  The world is white and blue and grey….neighbours brushing off their cars provide the  only splashes of colour, red injected onto an otherwise neutral day.  It all looks so heavy and cold. It looks wet…with that particular up-to-the-ankles-cold-wet. There is a sadness in me because of the loss of autumn this morning.  Autumn captures all of the colour and intensity that I love.

I look at Laurie-dog curled up on the computer-room couch and know that he too, is going to feel particularly indifferent to this new season.