Family Reunion: Canada Day 2011

Welcome to 'The Campgrounds'

It is a day to look forward to…a gathering of my Dad’s side of the family, south to Raymond,  Alberta.  Today we decided that it has been 26 years of July 1st reunions…and they have all been ‘magical’!  We meet for the Rotary Parade downtown Raymond at 10:00 a.m.  We take up the same corner each year, a short walk from the Fast Gas, where we can take the little ones to the washroom or purchase an ‘alright’ coffee. 

Then we head for the Witbeck property and a BIG mingle, lots of laughs, candy-throws, good food and family!  I am so grateful!  I appreciate the generosity and love that goes into throwing this event each and every year and feel such love and happiness this evening, at home…tired and sunburned, but oh so content!

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I felt very emotional, as I thought about my immediate family members who were not with me today, but very much with me in spirit.  I also remembered years gone by, times with Linda, my Grandparents, Merle and Margaret and their kids…I remember us listening to Grampa singing Froggie Went A Courtin’ and the family being silent and spellbound as he slapped his thigh and sang every verse, like a grand story.

We have added to our repetoire over the years; Cows With Guns, being one!  There are many many laughs when ever so many of our family members gather together!  I really treasure our Family Reunions!