Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 13, 2012 5:00 p.m. Weather: 2 degrees and extremely windy.  Today a sign flew off of the top of the Husky Tower…another powerful wind!  A blizzard blew in, and looking out the front window, it was difficult to see; so much snow was flying west to east.  When all settled down, Max and I headed out.  The blessing of today’s excursion was that, as we approached the parking lot, I saw a gentleman with a broom, a pan and a garbage bag, sweeping up the lot.  I thought to myself, “There’s the guy to take our photograph today!”  It turns out that it was Brian Ross, a young man who I had taught in 1995!  We were able to chat for a short while.  He works a daytime job and moonlights in this particular job so his wife can stay home with his two young children.  I feel so proud of him.

Parking Lot Talk: Photograph Taken By Brian March 13, 2012

We spoke to one another for a while about the irresponsibility of people to their environment.  Each choice that one person makes to drop a container onto the ground, creates an impact on the larger picture.  Brian said that he picks up between four and six bags full of similar litter from the parking lot alone each week.  He pointed out the hedge bushes that were covered in packaging of every variety.  I appreciate his efforts, but so wish that we might change the public consciousness.  I feel as though people are living in a fog.  They are just too busy and distracted to take pause in such concerns as this.

Thank You, Brian

Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 9, 2012 3:30 p.m. 13 degrees and VERY windy!  Findings: Plastic bags from every business in the surrounding area.  No witnesses to today’s journey, but I got a photo of my springtime footwear, rubber boots.

Necessary Equipment For This Job :0)

Some hockey parents were putting back beers in the parking lot as I left.  They had better darned well pick up their beer cans!

I try to leave out the parts that people skip. Elmore Leonard

The Melt is On!

Frank’s Flats: One Bag at a Time

March 3, 2012 12:30 p.m. Blue sky, with bright puffs of white cloud.  11 degrees and very blustery wind.  Today’s finds were primarily plastic bags of every size and variety.  I filled the bag quickly on the first hill because I wanted to drop it to the bin and get on with a good off-leash with Max.  It doesn’t take long to fill a bag with trash at this location.  This makes me very sad.

Day Five

Blue Skies

I felt discouraged as I passed so much garbage along the way.  I wondered if I could possibly make an impact?  One person…one bag at a time.

Long Shadows

When Max and I were heading home, we came around the edge of some trees and bumped into Frank, who was the witness to our project today.  Frank says that this is his special place in the world and that he comes here often to sit and observe the world. The place, he says, is called Frank’s Flats.  I smiled and was glad to know that someone likes the place as much as I do. Frank had the day off and so was sitting in the bright sun, sipping on a beer.  He took this close-up of Max and I.

Max and Me: Windy Day March 3, 2012

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