Sun Dazzle

Romp! Run! Go!
Laughing woman and smiling dog,
up to their knees, racing!
Crunching through the snow’s skin,
wind blown and captured in waves;
the weatherman’s story from

Muskrat, perching on pond’s edge,
dark form instantly sliding
into water at the burst
of their movement.
Energy is joy exploding!

Blue sky, stretched canvas
on a white sea of ice.
Yellow-gold grasses etching a circle
around the pond.
The dog following, explores
hiding places.

Sparkle. Dazzle.
Squinting and laughing,
the tears roll down
her cheeks,
light echoed on everything.
She cries
for the beauty of it all.

A Day of Contrasts

Pond Off of 22X

 Max and I circled this pond a couple of times yesterday.  It was a warm and glorious day outdoors, absolutely delicious; quite a contrast to the crazy energy at the Pearl Jam concert that evening!  Looking over the vast crowd, completely captivated by the band, I got that sense again, of being so tied into a huge collective voice and presence.  I feel so close to God in either situation; enjoying the calmness of the water OR sharing in the rise and fall of an extraordinary and BIG human voice!

20 Years


The last painting…a wonderful, fulfilling moment!  When I look around the studio I explore the absolute potential  and passion that lies within my own mind.  Creativity!  I am astonished once again at the strength of my body and the WILL that allowed all of this to happen!  Most of all I send out to the universe, my Divine ‘everything’, the true love of my life…gratitude…that I have had again, the opportunity to co-create and bring something important out of ‘nothingness’.  Glory to God!

It is time to celebrate my strength!  I think I will finish this final painting while listening to R.E.M.  I do not require the affirmation of others.  So often now I realize the sophistication of my own mind and the ability I have within to surmount obstacles.  I can  separate myself from other people and their ‘wobbly’ choices.  My joy and the tranquil feelings I experience are no longer reliant on someone else.  There is such a  satisfying feeling looking at this passion-filled life I have created for myself.  I used to wait for someone else to create and manifest the ‘magic’ for me.  Now, Imanisfest it for myself!

One at a time, my two teens visited me in the studio last evening…they shared their perceptions…they sat quiet with me in red chairs and shared their hearts.  My life is such a rich, warm and wonderful place anymore.

YES!  Celebration!