Happy Anniversary!

Kath, Erin and Doug

A wee piece of the Mother-of-the-Bride speech.

I draw on the image of the crane as I reflect on my daughter’s life and her decision to enter this special covenant with Douglas; one that pulls one family into a magnetic connection with another, an ocean away.

Over cultures and beliefs, the crane represents the very qualities that are within each of us…and are in Erin.  Revered in cultures throughout the world, the crane is a symbol of wisdom, fidelity, vigilance and discipline; all qualities that describe my darling girl.

According to legend and medieval Christian symbolism, cranes are appointed to keep watch over all that is special.  She clutches a stone in a single claw, balancing on one leg.  If she nods off, the stone drops onto her other foot and she picks the stone up in the other claw.  For this family, Christ is the stone…the rock that we hold onto. Erin has always cared for and loved ‘the other’.  She demonstrates tremendous vigilance and strength. Erin has cared for her brother and her sister and for me.

Cranes take flight…vocalize…and as a totem, bring light into darkness.  As mature birds, Cranes seek out and mate for life.  They grieve at the loss of their partner.  Erin and Douglas, through everything that sings in them, have found one another and will be there for one another forever.

In conclusion…cranes fly in formation, with a leader guiding the flock….when that one leader tires, there is another to replace the flock.  We will be there to support you.  Rely on the folk you see gathered at these tables, and the ones who couldn’t be with us today.  Know that we will always love, forgive and strengthen you.

Palermo and Cefalu, Sicily

 I’ve kept this blog since 2005.  Most people who begin to write on-line journals or blogs abandon them over time.  I’m actually quite amazed to look back on eleven years  and to be able to access, however brief, a taste of this experience of my life.  This afternoon, after fairing very cold temperatures during my pond walking, I felt there was a real similarity between today’s brilliant blue sky and the sky of Palermo, some years ago when my daughter and I shared a remarkable journey.  It is so wonderful to look at the experiences that Giorgio has created for others over the years, facilitating ‘an experience of culture’…creating travelers not tourists.  Giorgio has a base in Argentina now and I encourage my friends, who are able, to seek him out.  He will contribute to your adventure!

The first stop on our journey was when we disembarked from Ryanair in Palermo, Sicily.

Arriving in Palermo marked the beginning of our journey north to Venice.  We stayed in a lovely spot called Giorgio’s Place.  Giorgio was amazing….absolutely amazing and he provided us with a dreamy beginning to the journey.

Temperatures were anywhere from 40 to 45 degrees and the water dripped off of our noses, the humidity and heat combined were so extreme.  In Palermo I learned that people in poverty can be joyful.  I was blessed to walk through the streets and see that life has been re-created where war left people in ruins.  They are a strong people…those who live in Sicily.

Influence of the Mafia is a reality for these people.  Markets are a ritual of morning, along with sweet rolls and strong coffee.

Siesta is recommended in the afternoon because the noontime brings the heat of the day…night time is for visiting and exploring…dogs on the street pulled at my heart strings.

Cefalu….a beautiful beach and an amazing hike up above the city on The Rock.



Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Nineteen years ago, at 12:08 on Christmas Eve, my willowy dancer was tugged into life!  And right at the anniversary of her birth on the 24th this year, I was dancing in her arms…mother and daughter wrapped up in oneanother.  It is interesting that she chose my favourite honky-tonk spot to celebrate with her friends…it is cozy and family-like and everyone in the place shared lemon meringue pie with us….not often one has Tom Phillips singing your Happy Birthday to you as you stand proud on a dance floor!  A ‘magical’ event!
I Love You!