You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

2 Year Old Mom1st CommunionInteresting…my Mom sometimes described herself to others as overweight.  I saw Mom on diets, while at the same time, working her way through the 10 BX, a fitness program developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force.  I used to sit on her legs for a lot of her exercises when I was a wee little thing.  I sat on her feet for sit ups.

Mom wasn’t crazy about her freckles…so, in a way, I wondered if she was crazy about mine.  She had troubles controlling her curls.

She really didn’t have any idea how beautiful she was/is.  I scanned some old photographs while I was home this past couple of weeks.  The photographs tell the truth about my mother’s beauty.  This is food for thought, my dear friends.  As you read my words on this page, consider…are you more beautiful than you think?

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Mom at the Beach Kay Moors