Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 31, 2012 4:00 p.m. Weather 12 degrees, thick dark cloud gathering and threatening rain.

It’s midnight and I decided to upload a quick clip.  First thing this morning, I wrote a letter to Tim Coldwell of  Chandos Construction.  I intended on visiting Chandos on site at the South Fish Creek Recreational Association, but thought I should scope out the website first of all.  It was at this viewing that I decided to contact Tim, Vice President of Corporate Accounts in Calgary, directly.  It was less than minutes from the time that I wrote down my concerns, that I received a very thoughtful response by telephone and we have agreed to meet regarding the matter of the less-than-successful clean-up after this recent project.  He is adamant that this situation be used as an educational tool and we will be discussing the matter very soon.  I was very disheartened yesterday, but am feeling optimistic today.  Thank you, Tim.

What remains at the site anymore is ‘small stuff’ and I am not able to fill an entire bag in an hour. It is a very time-intensive experience now…countless plastic straws, bottle caps and packages, along with new plastic bags and fast food containers that that day’s lunchers toss onto the ground.

Frank’s Flats: One Bag at a Time

March 3, 2012 12:30 p.m. Blue sky, with bright puffs of white cloud.  11 degrees and very blustery wind.  Today’s finds were primarily plastic bags of every size and variety.  I filled the bag quickly on the first hill because I wanted to drop it to the bin and get on with a good off-leash with Max.  It doesn’t take long to fill a bag with trash at this location.  This makes me very sad.

Day Five

Blue Skies

I felt discouraged as I passed so much garbage along the way.  I wondered if I could possibly make an impact?  One person…one bag at a time.

Long Shadows

When Max and I were heading home, we came around the edge of some trees and bumped into Frank, who was the witness to our project today.  Frank says that this is his special place in the world and that he comes here often to sit and observe the world. The place, he says, is called Frank’s Flats.  I smiled and was glad to know that someone likes the place as much as I do. Frank had the day off and so was sitting in the bright sun, sipping on a beer.  He took this close-up of Max and I.

Max and Me: Windy Day March 3, 2012

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