Good Food and Good Books

What does a person eat after drinking two hot coffees with a touch of Baileys on a rainy morning in Prince Edward Island?  Look at the size of these local blueberries!

PEI Blueberries

 I’ve been reading Mary Gordon’s book, The Shadow Man.  I’ve been reading her for years…not only do I enjoy the depth of her writing and her interlaced syntax, I respect that she is unabashedly Catholic.  Her experience of faith and church and memory are a subtle theme in all of her writing, even when handling difficult subjects.  My friends Pat and Mary would suggest that I sometimes read something more narrative and less heady, especially before bed…and that is why I’ve gone out to the van in the rain and brought in The Box Garden by an astounding Canadian author who is no longer with us…Carol Shields.

Please listen to Mary Gordon discuss and read from her book, Circling My Mother on the above link.  I have some sense of all of this.