Gorilla House LIVE ART: August 8, 2012

I will post the video at a later date, but on this post.  For now, I’m including a few archives of last evening’s art battles.  The inspired concepts drawn for last evening’s piece were fairly abstract, I thought….and so, that’s where I went with my painting.  The concepts were 1. Lies 2. Two points and 3. Vanilla.

I went immediately to a 1970s National Geographic archive titled Where Oil and Wildlife Meet.  I thought that no matter what side you take with the issues of oil, sustainability, climate and wildlife, you might perceive the ‘other’ side to be telling lies.  I then focused on the concept of two points…linking it with the first issue I mentioned here.  From there, I thought of balance…and developed the three spheres, beginning with the white one (vanilla) linking the previous TWO POINTS.  The vanilla sphere is the quintessential 3D form; gradations of value, grounded, evidence of a light source, shadow…it is very physical, very tangible.  The red sphere represents passion, ideas, issues, anger, fear and it degrades and feels somehow less resolved than the white sphere.  The gold medallion…one dimensional, flat, about currency, cost, boundaries, revenue.

I like this piece and could have worked on it beyond the two hours allotted, but the Gorilla House contributes to an artist’s madness during the creative process/impulse and then , at auction, instantaneously, finds the work dashed into someone’s hands and home.  An interesting process!  Sarah, acquired the piece.