Bottle Two

5:30 a.m.

A restless night of van-camping and Max was wide awake at 5:00.  It is a beautiful thing to go walking when the grass is still wet and all of the rest of the world  is sleeping.

6:00 a.m

The water is so high in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, that the road into Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is just a narrow strip, in some cases, with water coming up to pavement level on both sides.  Remarkably magical!


Buffy Ste. Marie’s ‘I’m Going Home’ was playing on the i pod at the time.  I was overwhelmed with the spiritual sense of everything!

Meeting Jimmy Fardy

I met Jimmy Fardy and his wife Jan.  He showed me black and white photos of my great grandparents and my great Uncle Joe.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to navigate Winnipeg but all went swimmingly.  It was a most precious hour-long meeting, especially given my pilgrimage back to ‘the island’ this summer.

Kenora and Bottle Two :0)

Bottle One

My Buddy Working on Her Next Puzzle

 I began the day with an early breakfast in Speargrass and big hugs from two dear friends.  It was a beautiful send-off.

Canola Fields

Morning light bathed the golden fields.  I had to pull over and take a photo before Strathmore.  It was so beautiful!

Medicine Hat

  Max and I stopped for exercise and a huge blue sky!


 Whizzo time! Whoot! Whoot!

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

 Just north of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan


Cross-Canada Driving

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

So, another trip is in the works.   We grew up making this trip on Mom and Dad’s airforce-moves and there is something absolutely magical about revisiting that west->east migration.  The artist Rene Derouin has been captivated by a lifetime migration north^south, from his home along the St. Lawrence River to Mexico City and back again. (I LOVE HIS WORK !) My life journey, the one that comes naturally to me, has been west ->east and west again.  Not many will tell you that they love the Trans Canada highway, but for me, it’s a beautiful place.  Every province offers its particular beauty.

I’ve decided to share the planning of this journey because ultimately the writing and research will get me excited.  And I AM truly excited!  I will be minimalist camping, as per usual and am seeking out new and wonderful places to see along the way.  Two years ago, departing from Raymond, Alberta, I made it to Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, just north of Moose Jaw, for my first night.  It was exquisite and nothing could be better than the grilled chicken and fresh vegetables my daughter prepared for us, while we sipped on cold Coronas!  

So, this summer, the first leg of the journey will be Calgary to Moose Jaw OR beyond.  I had earlier invited your thoughts and suggestions, but of course I’ve just realized that you don’t read this blog, so this is really for me to explore alone.  Alright…a few minutes of searching the web!  Gillian, your thoughts about your husband’s thoughts on blogging were ‘magical’!  I’m still wearing a smile over it! 

Early Morning Water-Watching With Max