Driving North to Airdrie

The sky was blue and the roads, clear.

I have taken a lovely and reflective time away from blogging…enjoying the warmth of the indoors contrasted with the bitter chill of winter outdoors.  I’ve eaten a lot of really good food, as you all have (I pray you all have) and shared some drinks with friends and family.  Nothing could be better than Christmas afternoon and evening with all three of my children and their partners. LOVE!

I’ve plugged in the outdoor lights and nativity each evening around four and unplugged them around eleven, before I have gone to my room to read.  I finished up Guy Vanderhaeghe’s short story collection, Man Descending and have been pouring through Wally Lamb’s The Hour I First Believed.  It’s been a long time since I’ve read Wally Lamb and am connected again with his awesome syntax.  He is a fine writer.  As far as the content, of course the topic resonates with me after all of the recent news of Newtown.

Sooo…good food, good music, good drink and good reads.

One of my really beautiful times came on Boxing Day, with my almost-traditional drive north for clam chowder at Glo’s.  Being in her home is like being in a fantasy world…everything is ordered and remarkably beautiful.  She has such an aesthetic, it makes a person feel peaceful, just stepping into her home.  Sipping on cranberry and orange on ice and sharing in finger foods, I like catching up about our children…sharing in our year’s experiences and reforging our long-time friendship.  Thank you, Glo!

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The Aftermath

Lined Up

It seems like preparing for Christmas Day might be likened to putting order to ‘things’…finding places in the freezer for extra foods, replenishing the liquor cabinet (if you have one) and making spaces lit up and beautiful.  There is an aesthetic to most of everything that we do in that lead up.


And then what happens?  What of the aftermath?  I want to congratulate those who are presently able to put their feet up this Boxing Day and relax.  Have a breather!  Reflect!  Sit yourself down in the very midst of the chaos, warm and cozy in those new jammies and those fuzzy slippers!  Watch that movie you’ve been wanting to watch (Midnight in Paris) and sip on a coffee or a glass of wine.  This is your time!  Magic!

The kitchen counter tells a bit of the story.

I'm certain I can find a spot somewhere here, to put up my feet.