Good Food and Good Books

What does a person eat after drinking two hot coffees with a touch of Baileys on a rainy morning in Prince Edward Island?  Look at the size of these local blueberries!

PEI Blueberries

 I’ve been reading Mary Gordon’s book, The Shadow Man.  I’ve been reading her for years…not only do I enjoy the depth of her writing and her interlaced syntax, I respect that she is unabashedly Catholic.  Her experience of faith and church and memory are a subtle theme in all of her writing, even when handling difficult subjects.  My friends Pat and Mary would suggest that I sometimes read something more narrative and less heady, especially before bed…and that is why I’ve gone out to the van in the rain and brought in The Box Garden by an astounding Canadian author who is no longer with us…Carol Shields.

Please listen to Mary Gordon discuss and read from her book, Circling My Mother on the above link.  I have some sense of all of this.

Bottles Five and Six

We stood in front of our Market Street home, talking.

My sister and I headed out on a short tour of North Bay, before taking to the highway.  Pretty much, the moment we set out, I began weeping…for all of the memories and all that had happened in North Bay.  Military children don’t have much that is permanent, so to return to a place that was a temporary home, brings some emotions up.

I was twelve years old and fell asleep while watching the sheer curtains in my bedroom, still in the humid heat of April 26.  I had asked God if He would please move the curtains, as a sign,  if He would give me a sister; this, after three brothers!  I stared for so long that I couldn’t possibly keep my eyes open any longer.  In the morning, my Dad woke me with the nudge of my arm…”Kath, we have a sister for you!”  This all happened at 42 Market Street and I can see the bedroom window just beyond the tree featured in the photograph that I snapped yesterday.

42 Market Street

We drove down Airport Road to Widdifield high school and then to the home where my parents lived while I attended my first years of University in Lethbridge.  This is the home that I visited during the summer and at Christmas time, sometimes taking the train across Canada, sometimes flying, but always coming home.  I worked at The Deluxe.  I bought my first guitar.  I stopped in to a small Catholic Church those summers, where the Mass was  spoken in Latin.


Heading out for the last leg of my journey and through Algonquin Park, my sister and I drove in tandem so that we could share a coffee, some blueberries and a hug before she left me at Huntsville.

Roadside blueberries.

We had a relaxing cup of java and a cornmeal muffin at a South River coffee shop…it was a quaint place with some fantastic landscape art.  I think the artist’s name was Doreen Woods and I just had to pull over to snap a shot on the way out of South River, of one of many chip wagons that I will be seeing this summer.  This is something that Calgary, Alberta needs…a good chip wagon!

Ontario Chip Wagon

I was at home with my parents by 4:30 in the afternoon, having enjoyed a scenic and safe journey…just in time for my Dad’s ribs, salad and rice…and Bottles Five and Six! ;0)  I am most grateful to God for being with Max and I on this remarkable journey and I’m excited for all of the discoveries that the summer continues to keep within her arms, just for us!

Mom took this one of Bottle 5 and Bottle 6 and I think it's perfect! ;0)


Our Beautiful Mom!