Southern Alberta Roads

P1130699What a wonderful feeling to hit open roads…heading south always gives me some sense of going home to my peeps.  I weep when I see this blue up against this yellow…reminds me of grampa and our talks as he drove, with his racing cap on (ball cap turned backwards).  The past two days, I moved between Raymond and Magrath and Lethbridge…connecting with that feeling, pretty much the whole time.  Interviewing two of my beautiful aunties about family history was a joy.

I started Tuesday morning off with bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast and coffee at Ying’s Chinese and Western Cafe.  I love that there is no choice here…no brown and white toast, for example.  This was where I bought my penny candies as a little girl…and where grampa went in to catch up on the stories.  I chatted with these folk (different-but-the-same) over my first two coffees.  Thing is, the place looked so different years back.  Apparently, one of the fellas told me, May died some years ago and Mark lives in Lethbridge.  There used to be booths with high backs…dark wood.  These Canadians were a part of my childhood story.  I felt blessed in remembering.

P1130678 P1130680From there, I went out to the cemetery to have some time with my relations who have passed and who rest in such a beautiful and peaceful spot.

P1130683 P1130684 P1130690The mill…a spot where family photos were taken…keeps on changing as it changes hands.  For our family, though, it will always be connected to that smell of wool and grandma’s roast beef.

P1130691 P1130693 Sister in MagrathOn the Steps of the MillIMG_5619Ruth and RoyWoolen Mill 001P1130516

Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 7, 2012 3:30 p.m. Weather: 6 degrees, blue skies and sunshine. Findings:  I filled another whole green garbage bag with plastic bags!  I made a decision to capture a sense of what is going on in these wee clips, rather than taking redundant photographs of the blue bin.  Suffice it to say that there are presently three bags of collected litter in one of the bins, and little else.  It seems more than obvious to me that people do NOT throw their garbage in the bins.  I feel most disheartened today because an area that I had formerly cleared of all Tim Horton’s cups…is finding itself littered with new ones.  Am I fighting a losing battle?  I found myself saying, as I sat in the van at the end of an hour….”I will be your slave.” 

Long Shadows

Autumn Hours: At the Bow River

Rose Hips

 I doddled at the river today.  I thought that cleaning the house was something I could do in the winter.  It was so absolutely important to take in the beauty of the river; the air was intoxicating.  Everything took pause. 

And then, there was an explosion of energy as I threw the stick into the water and shouted, “Get it, Max!”

Pathway Through Tall Thistle

The Texture of Today

I had that sense that I was in the presence of a secret intruder…a coyote? a monster?  that strange ‘thing’ that visits you when you are on your own in nature!

Come on, Mom! Let's get to the river! YIPPEE!

 Once to the river, we find the fishermen and the boats floating smoothly with the current.

I love our home and feel blessed!

 Glorious Days!

Golden Arms

 Miles of river, winding.