The Magestic Bald Eagle Takes a Bath!

I would typically do a little segment for the past week and title it ‘For the Birds’ featuring all of the birds I have observed for a week. But, after this evening’s observations at the Bow River,  I decided to make a post that does its best to capture a Bald Eagle taking a bath.  Again, I can’t promise crisp-edged images, but one thing is for certain, I have captured some pretty awesome facial expressions. Do Bald Eagles have faces? (likely heads…not faces…but, you’ll see what I mean)  Some little slide shows.  May 16, 2018

The mosquitoes were out and the electric blue wild violets were in bloom.


The river is moving fast and the water level is moving up.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve been taking photographs at a single spot along the shore and will use those over the coming days for comparison.

Here’s our Eagle…


A series of four…check out the fourth slide.  It makes me laugh so hard.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I consider it an honour to be able to spend so much time observing unlikely magic at the river.  I don’t take any of it for granted.  I’ll find a piece of music to play while the slide show runs.

My father’s birthday, May 14, 2018



American Bald Eagle

Max and I were romping in the deep snow…we were the only ones outside for miles, I’m certain.  All sound was ‘different’ because of the space, the river, the snow and the tall trees.  Then….whoosh whoosh whoosh….just over the river, the wide wingspan of an eagle as he scooped downward and then up, resting on a branch of the tree only 15 feet from us.  Frozen in time, we looked at one another…and then, as Max became animated again and bounded into the next snowbank, the eagle lifted and flew across the river…I watched with tremendous respect…such a large and regal bird…an awesome experience at the river.