While Coming Across Flower Paintings…

…I thought of Pauline.

She comes to mind often. Her humus recipe surfaced the other day.

I wonder if she reached out to our friend, Bobby, upon his arrival. A few more photos were tucked into albums today.

Ed, Bobby and I headed out to see Pauline, our inspiring University professor, who lived perched above Kootenay Lake in Argenta. This was in 1996-97 and I was on Sabbatical. We got lots of sketching/painting done. We slept under the driftwood shelter on the beach. It was the weekend that my friend, Lynn Kierzek, died. While I slept, I wore a painting vest that Lynn crocheted. I still have that vest.

The border collie found in the photo is not Max Man or Laurie Dog…that’s Pauline’s dog. I felt right at home. I love the memory of this time away from the city, of conversations shared along the drive. We picked up a rose bush for Pauline in Cranbrook and planted it while in Argenta. We also purchased a bottle of spice that she needed, in a small grocery shop in Coleman.

May Bobby and Pauline rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon them.

Down the Rabbit Hole She Continues: In Search of an Etching

Looking at these 50 year old sketches got me thinking…

I wonder how Mr. Carlin is doing?

Well…about him…

Mr. Carlin, or, David (as he has told me to address him) is continuing to create.  He is humourous and original and inspiring.  I was blessed to have reconnected with him some years ago.  While he wasn’t the first teacher to inspire me as those would have included Mrs. Penner, Mrs. Souter and Mr. Mackay, he taught me and directed me to think and expand into the world of meaning.  He rooted his students in ideas.  The sketch featured in the banner above was the start to an idea that led to my very first oil painting 4′ x 4′ of Adam, in grade nine.  He was my art teacher in North Bay, Ontario and then my father’s work took us to Great Falls, Montana.  Thank you, David, for everything you’ve done for me.

I wonder how Mr. Winenger is doing?

Well, I learned that my beloved art teacher, always supportive and genuinely creative, died in 2018.  As I poured over this tribute, I cried for Mr. Winenger’s greatness and for the absolute blessing that he treasured and encouraged my art… his belief in me, in part, would direct the rest of my life.

This is how Mr. Winenger’s mind worked.

Dwight Winenger

June 6, 1936 – March 16, 2018

ARGOS – Argos native, residing in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. Dwight Winenger, 81, passed away March 16 in hospice care in California.

He was born June 6, 1936 in Argos to Alfred J. and Mary Hope Winenger. He was a graduate of Argos High School in 1954. He then attended Indiana State Teachers College in Terre Haute for six years with honors. His major was Art and minor was Music.

He played four different instruments including the piano. He wrote and directed an Orchestration of the college class graduation exercises.

During Dwight’s summers between college days, he ran the projector for the Law family at the Argos Cozy Theatre. He also did art work for many people in the community.

In the late 50’s he met and married Eva Lund Hansen from Denmark. She also attended Terre Haute State Teacher’s College. They had two girls, Robin Kim and Kirsten Marie and they eventually moved from the Argos area. They lived in Colorado, Montana and then settled in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. While living in California, he owned a business called the Miniscule University, where he taught art to retired senior citizens.

Dwight had many awards in National Design and Broadcast Music Awards. He had an honor, the Governor’s Commission for the Fine Arts in Indiana 1962-1965. He was Knighted by Robert Holmberg (Knight of Nannebrag-Denmark), 1982; International Man of the Year, International Biographical Centre, 1992; World Intellectual, 1993. He also was in the International Who’s Who in Music. He was in the Biographical listings of Men of Achievement; Community Leaders of America; 5000 Personalities of the World; International Book of Honor; International Leaders of Achievement. He was in the Directory of Distinguished Americans; International Who’s Who of Intellectuals and one of 2000 Outstanding Musicians of the 20th Century, 2000. He had many achievements in his busy life, his family is very proud of him.

Dwight is survived by his wife, Eva; daughter Robin and her daughter Britni; their other grandchildren, Katie, Joseph, and young Eva; Kirsten passed away a few yeas ago with cancer. Dwight is also survived by two sisters remaining in Argos area: Mary (Winenger) Becker and Bonnie (Winenger) Rice.

Dwight’s parents and brother, Jim, are deceased.

Funeral services will be held in California.

Published in The Pilot News on Mar. 20, 2018

Mr. Winenger created this poster calendar on silkscreen in 1973, when I was his student.  He was big into printmaking and taught woodblock, silkscreen and various forms of Intaglio. While in his classes, I created many silkscreens, a single wood block as well as a single intaglio etching.  I don’t have the plate OR a print from the etching, but remember the image.  I still have this calendar in my portfolio.


As I headed down the rabbit hole, I shed a few tears…and then my feet got cold, so I got up to find some slippers.

It’s Been A Good Day

I have recently connected with my Grade nine art teacher, Mr. David F. Carlin.  He was an inspiration when I was a young art student attending Widdifield Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario and it is interesting that over all of these miles and years, I still feel the impact he made upon my life.  I see it in my art.  I saw it in my teaching.  I experience it in the way I view the world.  It is a good day, when serendipity renews a connection that was so strong for so many years ago.  Today I received this message via facebook.

“…just a short line to say that I do remember you very well…I am sooooooo glad to hear from you!!!..I dug out my computer to say hi…I am in the middle of plastering my green room to prepare for more video and performance..so I also took advantage of this time to give my arm a rest!!!!!!!!!…looks like we have a lot to catch up on!!!!!!…I move to Havana in a month with no internet for 5 months..live there in an old wooden house for 5 months of the year..!!!Cogeco will be filming here on Thursday so I have stress hahaha..talk with you later” 

I feel like this, in itself, made it a good day!  But…look!  It continues!

Last night, late, I received this message from a parent of a former student.  It read like this.

“Saw you on line and wanted to tell you that we just got back from Edmonton where Jenna has a show. Her Masters in Design is complete and the work was amazing. You know you had a hand in steering her towards the arts.”

And in Jenna’s words…

Jenna Hill

MDes candidate in Industrial Design

“It is my intention to examine the interrelation of design and community. I believe design has the ability to influence our actions, determine our attitudes, and meaningfully shape our relationship to the world. This said, I feel that the transition toward more sustainable ways of living will require a re-evaluation of our societal goals, specifically our definitions of well-being. Design will be an important factor in interpreting and realizing this transition. Through my research and thesis project I hope to draw upon the resources and expertise present at the University to deepen my understanding of design methods.”

I’m so very proud of you, Jenna and as always, pray that life is filled with good health and many blessings.

I was able to reconnect this afternoon with two of my former students at the Bee Kingdom open house!  As usual, this event did not disappoint…but the fact that Tim and Elisabeth were together, made it even more ‘magical’. 

I tend to hang on to pieces of art and take good care of them when students don’t pick them up or file them in their portfolios and I treasure opportunities to return these works to their creators.

So, over a glass of wine, and some yummy appetizers, I gave Elisabeth her piece of art.  Tim and Phil will soon be heading for Berlin, so I felt that this open house was a tad bitter-sweet and I did NOT take the glass blowing demonstrations for granted, but really enjoyed them.  I will miss you, Tim and Phil, but wish the Bees healthy hives and everything that is wonderful!

Junior High Art Project: 17 years later!


Three Amazing People!



My Wonderful Daughter and Tim

This has not only been a good day, it has been an exceptional day!  I am grateful!