Shredding and the Story of My Life

A way to rid myself of a preoccupation with accountability and keeping records is experiencing a big shred.  For about five years I had to be accountable with my records for reasons outside of my control. (and no, it was NOT the tax man) During this period of time, I did not throw away a single receipt and I became an expert at storing, organizing and archiving every financial record that came in or out of my life.

Once I had established these routines, I had the most difficult time letting go of this responsibility or unlearning the ridiculous habit of recording/filing and storing all of this paper baggage.  In fact, it took me about ten years to heal enough to relax and let go and now, just recently, to shred.

As I emptied the binders/notebooks and stacked the records in front of me, I experienced a great sadness that I had felt such a responsibility to account for my spending to this degree.  Unlike regular budgeting and tax preparation, this stack of paper was something more.  And recently,  as I shred each paper, I remember that, at this same time, I was mothering three children, working full time, actively participating in church ministries and trying to make a go as a professional artist.  How ridiculous that likely late at night, I was taking such pains to keep meticulous records.

My advice to others… be cautious of demands that might be made on you by ‘the other’.  Did these records assist me or benefit me in any way?  I’ll leave you to ponder this.  A scriptural passage from last week’s readings comes to mind…Mark 12:17.

??????????Three bags full later, I have half a stack left. (and yes, I wish I had a fire pit…is it legal to burn documents in a fire pit?) Regardless, my heart feels lighter and one entire file drawer is empty.  I will always have an impeccable method of storing my records and I will keep items for the suggested period of time.  However, they will have their purpose and NOT carry excess weight.

DSC_0866  On a lighter note…shredding has another meaning, one I was not familiar with.  I never said that in popular culture, I was astute.

Recently, I came upon an article on line about shreds…as in musical shreds.

From International Business Times January 24, 2014, this.

You would believe your eyes but not believe your ears if you watch this version of One Direction’s “Story of My Life.” The hit song by the most popular boy band has not sounded as awful as it does in this video. The musical chords are all out of place and the vocals are just too bad to listen to even for a few seconds. But before you start making your opinion about your favorite boy band; let’s tell you that the boys of One Direction are the latest victims of a “shred” video! Let’s find out what this new term “shredding” is.

When a famous musician/boy band gets their popular music video dubbed in by really bad singer, it’s called “shredding.”
Here’s a shred…

I’m smiling as I shred…