The Bag Company

In total, three of my Island relations put in 100 years or more working in the PEI Bag Company.  The Company is closed down now and a new company is located in Badeque, also on the Island.  My great aunt worked with the Company for 40 years in all, sewing potato bags until 9 p.m every night.  My great uncle, after returning from the war with a bullet that remained always lodged in his leg, worked with the Bag Company for over 30 years, along with his wife.  Of course they were assigned to different shifts.  He told me on the visit that he had a day shift and he could make it home at lunch on 1st Street, have a jam sandwich, watch Let’s Make a Deal and get back to punch the clock on time.  It was something that I needed to archive.  After reading about my Acadian side, I know that they were a hard-working lot and I want to make note of that tonight.

PEI Bag Company

East Side of the Building

West Side

Harbour Side

Closed and Abandoned