Down the Rabbit Hole She Goes! This is How it Began

This morning, I sat with coffee.  Soon after, I told Max that I’d get dressed for a walk.  And, this is what happened.  (The LOOK ON HIS FACE!)

While I was downstairs, digging out the next pair of track pants, I tucked away a Christmas box in the closet and came upon my sketchbook…1968-1972.  Oh my goodness!  I propped myself up on my bed and took a look and all sorts of memories came up.  For one, at some point, my sister signed every one of my drawings.  She was just a wee little girl and she must have held me in some sort of esteem…or, the drawings.  As I think about my former Junior High art students, I think these sketches are very rudimentary.  There’s nothing at all impressive about them.  What’s with the solid contour lines?  They look like colouring book drawings.  Hmmm….f

I wrote little poems along the way…sentimental poems…what were they about?  I guess I’ve always been a dreamer.  Sketches and thoughts from 52 years ago…

So my trip down the rabbit hole began.  And Max, patiently waited.


2 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole She Goes! This is How it Began

  1. Well I would say I cant believe someone has journals so far back, but knowing you I believe it. And finding references to others. We can see your talents in both art and writing. I would be pleased to even be able to sketch as well now as you did then.

    • Thank you, Pat. It was a fun morning, rediscovering these drawings and doing a bit of digging. I am grateful for my wonderful teachers and so many beautiful friends, along the way.

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