Through All Ages

Nature teaches us lessons.  It is a powerful thing to walk along the Bow River’s edge.  I observe and learn about so many elements of nature through those observations.  I struggle as I watch my beautiful border collie, Max, decline in his abilities and in his health.  But then, I step out into the landscape that he and I have enjoyed for so many years together, alone, and I am witness to how the land, water, animals and birds have also changed over these years.  I need to be grateful for the journey and for the ever-changing  characteristics in all things, even myself.  As the years go by, I am grateful for the shifts and the adaptations and the spectacles of my life.  I am grateful for my time at the river today.  Here are the beauties that allowed me close into their world.  I was still and so they moved around me and allowed me to be a witness to a -5 day at the river.

I will share from youngest to oldest…I was engaged by all of them today…a very rare thing.


2 thoughts on “Through All Ages

  1. These are some amazing photos from you early winter walk…but I was pleasantly surprised to see Joni there!!! LOL!!! But you are correct about how things change…I have a poem that I wrote a few years back and it talks about “time and tide” and how they wait for no man…Thank You for blessing us with both written and visual messages…HUGS…

    • Thank you so much, Jim. You struck me as a writer! I’d love to read the poem one day. And yes, I’ve always been a big Joni fan! I’m busy getting one of the last little commissioned paintings done so that I can get it in the mail It’s not a really cold day but I’m also busy putting on layers because no matter how many sweaters I put on, I’m chilled to the bone. At 4:26 the geese are just flying over the house, making their way back down to the river. Thank you for your note. Kathleen

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