Gramma’s Treasured Time

I had a couple of weeks where I had a chance to spend the days with my grandson and don’t want to be remiss in acknowledging that time.  I look back on those days with a warm and happy heart.  He is changing so fast and so much and he is just such a funny person.  I love to talk with him.  I treasure every moment.  A collection of images for our times shared will be included here…but first…

All of the poems I read on the internet…poems for grandsons…were stupid.  The intentions were lovely and they were very very sweet.  But, none of them suited my grandson.  ‘Perhaps one day I will try to write a poem for you, my wonderful magical Steven.’  For now, the poem that best suited our little boy who loves ants and lady bugs and spiders is this one, written by William Carlos Williams, for his grandson.  It is titled, The Turtle.  I apologize that these bits are unclear.

I love you, Steven.


1 thought on “Gramma’s Treasured Time

  1. Looks like lots of fun and friends at the library. I love the sounds and smells of the fallen leaves, altho my newly developed allergies donr. A little older than Steven I recall my father digging a hole in the garden, filling it with potatoes and leaves and bits of old lumber. Then we would gobble them up. Skins scorched but insides were mouthwatering with a dab of butter and salt. Does anyone do that anymore or are we even allowed.
    Lucky Steven to have you.

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