All Hallows’ Eve 2018

It’s off for a dog walk…a little after seven in the morning.  The streets are dark, although headlights pop on and off …vroom vroom… drive the cars for ‘another day at the office’.

I wanted to post some quick photographs.  I have several things to write about during the coming days, but it seems I have no time at all, until the weekend.  This photo collage will be a smattering of art resulting from the magic of children over the years.  I thought my teacher-friends might take the cue and mix up some paint today.  If not, enjoy making the day the sort of magic my mother and father always created for me when I was a little. Be safe out there.  I’ve got a grandson to enjoy.  He’s going to be a Bumble Bee this year!  BZZZZ!

2 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Eve 2018

    • Happy Halloween, Dad! Send me photos of your costume! Have fun, but don’t get exhausted! lol Take breaks! I know that you Stirling Park folks are going to have a blast! You instilled, in me, a great love for this season. It was always fun in our house!

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