Boulder Hot Springs and Farewell, Dear Friend!

I felt a degree of anxiety about the drive into Boulder.  It was raining on and off and I was lagging behind Ramona.  I didn’t sleep well on this trip.  I was processing a lot and it had been a big day…cattle drives, Lost Creek, the Mineral Museum and the Copper King Mansion.  The skies were dramatic and thunder was rumbling.  I was really happy when we pulled into the Boulder Hot Springs, shortly after pulling off of the I-15.

The building facade was magical.  The receptionist was calm and welcoming.  I liked the place from first site.  Some time in the early 1990s, this space was purchased by writer Anne Wilson Schaef and is presently owned by a Limited Partnership.  I’ve read some of her work and it was a surprise to see some of her titles sitting on the counter.  From that point forward, the entire evening became one of continued healing and peace.  I am so grateful that Ramona sought out this venue.

I wouldn’t go into the hot pools while the thunder was booming…but, as time passed, the weather cleared, we popped into the outdoor pool…and then popped out, with the coming of the next series of sky flashes.  It was wonderful for even that short time to recline back, pool noodle on my neck and float with Ramona…speechless…ears submerged…until I shouted out to Ramona that we needed to get out.

I then stepped into the hot springs steam where I shared space with a naked woman doing yoga.  Briefly, I remembered my younger body.  I remembered the University of Lethbridge and the wonderful cleansing feeling of the sauna in the Physical Education department.

This would be magic…I knew it.

Our room…


and the art…


I claimed the time as mine…shared with a friend…so, no photos of the pools.  And because of the rain, we didn’t head up to the sculpture, Seven Generations.

The space…the food…

Click on individual photos to enlarge.





Ramona’s camera…





After a scrumptious breakfast, I went for a walk on the property.  Everything about the air was delicious.  I watched the swallows, followed closely by the cat and listened to the cock crow.  I felt mixed feelings as I headed for the parking area and embraced Ramona for the last time.  Tears wouldn’t come…not until Ramona headed east, at the end of the driveway and I headed west.  I had tears until I reached the town of Boulder, stopped at the gas station, filled my water bottle and resolutely headed north on the highway.

It was a wonderful time, dear friend.



6 thoughts on “Boulder Hot Springs and Farewell, Dear Friend!

  1. Enjoyed reading about your travels and the many pictures. I like the oriental carpets in these pictures. I have one small one i bought in china in my spare bedroom. The colors look so rich paricularly againts hardwood floors.

    • Oh, Pat, thank you for being such a great support of my writing and my artistic heart. You are a dear friend and you are the one who has encouraged me to explore places and learn about them. That interest has been nurtured through so many wonderful experiences we have shared in our very own city. There’s so much more out there!

  2. Beautifully described Kath. Your bogs of this trip have made me want to get in the car and just go–once again before I cant. Blessings

  3. It sounds like a trip that is life itself; the beginning of a new chapter maybe… may you continue to enjoy your adventure, and may each day be filled with learning.

    • YES! You are absolutely correct, Shimon! It was and is life itself! We must remember all of that…we can create that sense every single day. I’m setting out this morning, for the Bow River. I’m going to see what I can learn today. I think of you often, while seeing a beautiful photograph or writing something or selecting a book. You are an inspiring man, the world over!

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