Digging Through Archives

My daughter (now, a teacher) and I were sitting together while she was still cozy in her kitty jammies this morning…me, at the dining table, she, on the stairs…she was telling me about a very inspiring Convention session that she attended on Thursday of this past week.  It turns out that the presenter was Ron Wigglesworth.  As soon as I started exploring his posts on the internet, I realized how his contributions to education and to students has been exceptional.  Anyone who has encouraged a connection between drawing and biology is great in my eyes…in fact, I’d have to say that he has done a lot of connecting between diverse disciplines.

I got thinking about archives of various projects and things that my students have explored in the past and I just thought I’d write a post that featured those.  I had fun teaching and in retrospect, I’m pretty sure that I saw the students’ hands, hearts and minds as extensions of my own.  I’m grateful for their hard work, their talents and their commitment.  For me, it was never about the marks.  A sampling…digital…there’s a load of stuff in my photo albums.  And, today, I’m celebrating it all.

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4 thoughts on “Digging Through Archives

  1. I remember some of that great art your students produced, the Chagall, the masks. But you left out the grade nine final projects😊. You’ll need to do another post.

    • You got me curious, so I typed in Life Sized Sculpture and a few popped up. Most of my old photos of displays, art shows and early students are saved in ‘old fashioned’ photo albums, but a few things showed up. Thank you for reminding me. It’s just a longer slide show now….thanks to you!

      • Ok. And those brought to mind another project where the students had to research an artist and then paint in that style. I seem to recall a lampshade in van Gogh I think and a teapot. And was that Tinas, daughter Caitlin in one of the snaps.

      • Oh, my. That was such a long time ago, but so neat! I don’t even think I had a camera at that time . But, I remember a Kandinsky blender and a Warhol answering machine. I wish I had photos. A good memory! “Those were the days, my friend! We thought they’d never end”

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