Mosaic 101

Wendy Lees is a vital leader in our visual arts community here in Calgary.  She has spearheaded so many wonderful projects and visual arts tours, either through making, leading or inspiring.  I’ve treasured her friendship for years now and I’m so grateful for our meeting.  I was blessed, yesterday, to have the opportunity to learn the first basic baby steps to mosaic art, in the comfort and organized studio that is her own home.  What a fun experience and what great people!

Wendy took on the magical practice of  create! in the East Village some time ago…and through that program, I met some of the most authentic and beautiful people of a lifetime.  Gladly, a few of them were able to attend the Mosaic 101 workshop, so renewing those relationships was an additional blessing!

If you have opportunity to participate in or attend any of the programs that Wendy advertises, DO!  Such fun!  It’s not just about techniques and skill development…it’s about community and connection!



Love the focus and concentration that surfaced during the program!


6 thoughts on “Mosaic 101

    • I cut little bits of glass and a lot of it was pre-cut by Wendy, but no…mosaic is grouted, not soldered like stain glass, so I have some grout powder to mix up and to fill in around my pieces of glass. Yes to the Reconciliation talk and to the first suggested book talk…I’m deliberating about Joseph Boyden because I’m annoyed by him for a number of reasons. I’m going to talk to my friend, Michelle Robinson, to ask her some questions first, before deciding. Thanks for the suggestions! Will register and then maybe we can meet up.

      • Ok. I tried stain glass and found out I was alergic to the stuff used in soldering. I wasn’t good so that gave me an excuse to stop!! I haven’t registered for everything but will do so. I’ll email you with the ones I’m going to as not all of them require registration. Are you watching Anne of green gables series and Canada this is us. Both I think are well done.

  1. Thank you Kath, this is very inspiring. I’m working to build a visual arts community at a Community / Mental Health Center and am reminded by your post that this is a shared energy across the country, maybe even across the world.

    • I love that idea of being connected with other passionate artists, writers, musicians and thespians…creating a network of shared vision at the grass roots level. I like that technology has its way of connecting us, also. I consider you a friend in poetry, art and music.

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