Today’s Birds: April 12, 2017

My favourite image captured today was a simple one of three geese.  They seemed to be suspended or floating on perfectly calm pond water.  Obviously just as curious about me, we spent about five minutes exchanging gazes, alternating with times looking at the environment that surrounded us.

I spent a great deal of time enjoying the antics of the Goldeneyes, also, but, at their preferred distance from me, very little again, in the way of successful capture.

©Kathleen Moors

Likely 50 male Goldeneyes at Frank’s Flats today and a continued effort at capturing their ridiculous courting rituals.

I think this little girl is a female Wigeon.  (Thank you, Miles…I’ve had a ‘real birder’ let me know that this is, in fact, a Gadwell.) I had seen a male at the pond on April 11.Today, I also spotted a single male Bufflehead.  He was unobtrusively wandering through the Goldeneye chaos.

A very fuzzy image to document his presence…

6 thoughts on “Today’s Birds: April 12, 2017

  1. Wonderful photo of the geese! The stillness of the water and the mirror effect are so cool. Watching 50 male goldeneyes courting must be quite the site. The most I’ve seen at one time was 4 (with 2 females). I think your female Wigeon is a male Gadwall (all about birds has a good photo… note the bill and leg colour). Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! 🙂

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