Two Ontario Markets

Not forgetting that this part of Ontario suffered drought this past mid-July to end of August, there was still enough produce to take in the summer farmer’s market in Belleville.  I’m feeling bad for those who rely on sustained and plentiful crops and don’t know what the dairy farmers are going to do about corn for their cows this winter.  Beans were still plentiful, it seemed to me, but Dad said that everything has suffered.

Some lovely memories of beautiful sights, aromas and the connection with so many lovely people will stick with me.

img_0262 img_0261 img_0260 img_0259 img_0258

I bought a bouquet of sweet peas.  They are my absolute favourite and I remember my mother loving them as well.

img_0257 img_0256 img_0255 img_0254 img_0253 img_0451 img_0450The Ottawa market is always fun and was a mere walking distance from the National Gallery of Canada.  We picked up some food (the girls had noodle soup, bubble teas and I enjoyed an open face salmon bagel, with cream cheese and capers) and, afterwards, we wandered several blocks of city market, spoke with exhibitors,  and enjoyed the excitement that seemed to spill out from every corner.

img_1025 img_1029 img_1030 img_1031 img_1032 img_1033 img_1034 img_1035 img_1038 img_1039 img_1040 img_1041 While we ate our favourite flavours of gelato and frozen yogurt (I enjoyed mango and strawberry), we sat in the shade and listened to this beautiful soprano.  One of my fond memories will be of the lady to the right, who listened intently to the entire set, spell bound.

img_1045Chatted with this gent,  François Pelletier, about his gridded piece and his practice. He rolls out a large piece of canvas and works on that with chalk pastels and conte.  He travels the world doing this.

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