Killdeer Protective Behaviour

I am so amazed by what I learn on a daily basis because I show up at a single pond every day, no matter the weather.  Today I had opportunity to witness this little beauty being protective of her eggs.  I keep Max on leash on every walk these days because it is a very precarious time for all of the birds in this ecosystem.  Max is very co-operative and sits silently whenever I am observing or snapping photographs.  The only time he becomes super alert is when we are close to coyotes and deer.  His ears point and he stairs in the direction of the smell/movement.

He sat nicely as I watched this happening.  I am so in awe of nature and the strength of tiny creatures in the face of huge predators and insurmountable odds.

I’ll never be in that class of photographers where I am selling my images, but as a matter of respect, if you wish to use them for teaching and explaining, please credit me the documentation.  Thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Killdeer Protective Behaviour

  1. You are supposed to put your name on any picture you paste then they are not to be used without your permission —Note Stu’s

  2. I have been away from your posts for awhile Kathleen. I am being reminded here, tonight, how full of magic you are. You offer the miraculous reality of the accepted and unknown through amazing photos and brilliant artwork. You also present so many other possibilities…You enrich us in now and what may be…

    • Dear John, OH MY GOODNESS! As you might have noticed, no one ever leaves comments or clicks the like star for my posts, so you can imagine my delight when, over coffee, I came to all of this activity! You have blessed my blogging life so much over the years! ;0) You know that I like to document and you also know that I hope, more than anything, to use technology to transform the human heart…in whatever positive way that I can. I’m not big into angst, but every now and then, my pain spills over…but, for the most part, I notice, even in the struggle, the kindness, beauty and inspiration in this life. I’m hoping that you are in good health and that you are able to keep that flame of creative spirituality alive within you. God bless you, dear friend, in art, literature, poetry, dance and the completely fascinating drama of life!

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