2 thoughts on “Kath’s Canon January 2, 2016 New Years Tracks Salmon Sculpture 026

  1. Hi. This picture was brought to my attention by my cousin. My name is Mark Tilden, and I believe the boy in the far right hand corner is my father Robert Roy Tilden. he was born in 1925 in Montreal, westmount, to be precise, which is where Roslyn school is located, and where he would have been in grade six at the time. It just so happens, as a quirky twist of fate, that his grandaughter is currently attending the very same school.

    • Thank you, Mark! I’m so pleased that I’m able to put together little stories regarding each of the people in this photograph! What did your Dad end up doing for work in his life, Mark? And…what did he do for fun and recreation? Is he still with us? I’m forwarding the photograph and labels to a Mr. Jack Wall who would have been his classmate and seems to be, to this point, the only person living. He will then pass it along to the Westmount Historical society. It is soooo cool that families continue to attend Roslyn. That’s happened with a couple of my connections! Blessings, Mark, and thank you for writing.

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