When the Tree is Lit Up…

Kath's Canon, December 15, 2015 Christmas Tree Bush Eli's Painti 002

…I can’t help but think about my family.

The other day, while driving, I thought to myself, “When I get home, I have to give Mom a call and see how she’s doing.”

Mom was always so busy for months before Christmas.  She consistently made a huge commitment to creating beautiful items for the annual Mistletoe Market.  As well, she baked, cleaned, sewed, decorated and prepared for the feast of Christmas to the point, sometimes, of exhaustion.

So, out there on the roads, I was thinking…

…but it was a brief moment later and I remembered that Mom isn’t with us anymore.  Of course, the tears fell.  But, I have to say, in every other sense but the physical sense,  Mom is THAT present to me right now.  She is in the dazzle of light.  She is grasping my hand while sitting next to me on a wooden church pew, listening to Dad sing O’ Holy Night.

Mom is right here, with me.

Christmas St. Sylvestre

1973 Christmas

Peanut Christmas

2 thoughts on “When the Tree is Lit Up…

  1. reading this had some tears, some smiles for my mum too, gone now 12 years, almost to the day…tears and smiles for us all, our losses and sadness, our precious and miraculous memories. thank you for always opening my heart

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