Considering the Notion of Gift

I love this story and so, I’m sharing it again, but with a short addendum.

Two years after I received this lovely illustrated book of gratitude from Eli, I have finally written my thank you for the gift.  Yes, I know, a thank you for a thank you…but, I just felt I needed to wrap up the circle of love with a wee painting.  The subject: Eli’s grandmother’s hands, offering an unpainted ornament to me.  Thanks to both grand mother and grand son for including me in this annual creative project for twelve years!

Kath's Canon, December 15, 2015 Christmas Tree Bush Eli's Painti 009Kath's Canon, December 15, 2015 Christmas Tree Bush Eli's Painti 008

For love of her grandson, a friend of mine orchestrated and pulled off a twelve year project. The other evening, before ordering a post-movie Humpty’s breakfast, she passed me the gift of a photo archive of the project, in the form of a book, made by her grandson (photographs by her son), a response to his experience of receiving my hand made ornaments from the time he was a little boy up until he became a young man.  I am in awe of her persistence.

Each year, well before Christmas, this amazing lady organized the posting of the ornaments to connections in distant countries, beginning with Okotoks, Alberta. :0)  These people would use her funds, included in the double-wrapped packages, to post the gift back to her grandson, living in Vancouver.  Imagine receiving an anonymous package from a different part of the world each year for twelve years!!  I am so grateful that I was the artist chosen to participate in this Christmas magic.  Needless to say, I shed a few happy tears while leafing through these pages while sharing an evening breakfast with my daughter and three of my dearest friends.

Usually in a bit of a rush, even to the point of waiting for the ornaments to dry, I only archived by photograph, one set of these ornaments, but got them out the door and delivered to my friend, just in the nick of time for mailing.  So for me to receive this carefully constructed archive is heaven!

The speech that was written and shared with his class was written prior to his receipt of “On the twelfth day of Christmas…”

True love comes from Nanas….everyone knows that!


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