On Sunday, I Received Two Gifts

Yesterday morning I was speaking with Dad and he was describing what he was seeing out his computer room window…how golden the oak tree was in the morning light. I’ve spent a lot of time at that window and found myself imagining the autumn oak trees because they are such giants and so glorious in summer.  I asked if he would snap a photo and he sent me this.  Such a beautiful photograph!  Isn’t it a beautiful thing that the technology that we enjoy today allows us such communication between ourselves and our loved ones?

Photo Credit: John Moors

Photo Credit: John Moors

Happenstance?  A short time before I found Dad’s photograph in my electronic mail, I also received a photograph from my brother.  He had gone to Beechwood Cemetery, in Ottawa, to visit Mom and gather up some photographs in evening light.  When I saw this, I knew that Mom would absolutely be in love with the peacefulness, the light and the colours.  Thank you, Stuart!  Your work gives me chills; it’s so inspiring.

Photo Credit: Stuart Moors

Photo Credit: Stuart Moors

Autumn is my favourite season of the year.  I will treasure these two gifts from special men in my life!  I know that yesterday, after weeks and weeks of social media blah blah, the Federal Election was the focus of the day, but for me, as usual, the simple things…nature…family…the freedom and beauty I have to enjoy were at the forefront of my thoughts.  I’m grateful for Democracy…I’m grateful for the ability to choose.  I grateful for seasons such as this.

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