This One’s For You

Another Thanksgiving fast-approaches.  All of the things that you loved in life happen and are shared.  Food and drink and lively conversations are exchanged between your family members.  We always felt the closest during holidays and even your kids, like me, who live far away, we find a way to connect with one another via very long and strong heart strings.  Phone calls are exchanged and now days, the Skype lines are fired up.  Some how, we all find ways to connect.  Since you’ve left us, it’s more tricky to get close to you, but you remain in our conversations, in our silences and in one another.  We remember so many large and wonderful Thanksgivings with you…we remember your preparation of generous meals, served with so much love.  If conversations became too lively and loud, as they will this Thanksgiving weekend before our Federal Election, you would try to shushhh some of us, get us to settle down, get us to ‘be nice to one another’.  Mom, things weren’t always perfect with us.  It would be unfair to both of us to fib about this.  Instead, just know that my love for you has never stopped growing, just because you are no longer with me in this earthly sense.  My love grows.  And, you grow in me.  I watch my own children, now adults, create successes and experience losses…and I remember all that you did for and with me.  I’m grateful for your lessons.  In all of your imperfections and perfection, I treasure you and just wanted to tell you tonight that I miss you and love you.

On Thanksgiving, love from your daughter.

Kath and Mom on Christmas Day

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