The Sunshine of Your Smile

The Sunshine of Your Smile” was a British popular song published in London in 1913 just before the First World War by Francis, Day and Hunter. The lyrics were by Leonard Cooke and the music by Lilian Ray.[1]

My Gramma, Florence Moors, used to love to play little tunes on her small organ in the front room of the woolen mill.  The songs that she enjoyed included Aura Lee and two other gospel tunes. (will have to gather the titles from my cousins)

I found a little card in Gramma’s writing where she wrote out the words to The Sunshine of Your Smile.  Urban legend has it that she wrote the words down to share with my grand father.  I’m sure that she had Grampa in mind.

Sunshine of Your Smile Page 1Sunshine of Your Smile Page 2

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