Take Out!

Getting out of the house is heaven…even if it is during a wind/rain storm!

Sensory overload occurs when you enter into the world, having spent many weeks in the same space in a state of frustration some days and in a state of acceptance during others.  The experience makes me think about our Calgarians who have no family members in town and who are hospitalized or unable to get out of their apartments.  It makes me think about the isolation that illness, addiction, poverty and age can cause.  It’s important that we learn who these people are and ‘take them out’.

This is one of the compelling reasons I continue to be upset about the closure of the Golden Age Club in the East Village.  While the folks in the core are resilient and will find their way through all of this, thanks to the leadership and guidance and connection of such people as Wendy Lees, the decision DID create an obstacle and I’m thinking that we can choose to be open doors through which others can pass or we can be walls that have to be climbed.

Yesterday, Val opened a door for me.  We headed out to Chestermere to visit friend, Wendy and to deliver Take-Out.  The weather created a bit of an adventure, as did our search for Thai food on International Ave.  In the end, we chose a random Vietnamese restaurant, made a selection of food and then headed east to Chestermere.

Conversation with two of my sister-friends, while the wind howled outside, was very comforting and after all, I fell into a state of sleepiness.  Sensory overload. When i got home, I curled up into a deep sleep.

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Thank you, Val, Wendy and Darren for a beautiful lunch.

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