Getting Out to “The Cheapies”

I felt like I was in heaven the evening Mary picked me up for a movie.  Of the three picks Mary made, I chose The Water Diviner directed by Russell Crowe just because I knew that Canyon Meadows ‘cheapies’ would mean the easiest access, the smallest crowds and the shorter drive.

The Water DivinerSensory overload…but so so awesome!  The smell of popcorn, the lights, the conversation…all of it amazing!  For months now, I’ve archived my experiences of nature at Frank’s Flats.  Spending so many hours in my cocoon, I felt to be a butterfly…well, that might be a slight exaggeration.

We bought our kid’s pack…small popcorn, drink and candy…and headed in to theater 10.  With Stampede happening, the parking was handy and very few people were out to the movies.

The movie opens and we see the protagonist, the father, with divining rods…a beautiful moment as I remembered my father, out in Frankford, demonstrating this very phenomena with me on one of my summer trips out east.

I liked this movie a lot.  I found it thoughtfully and beautifully created.  The cinematography, colour, sense of light and sound were all sensitively done. The aspects of war were unsettling, dark and very uncomfortable.  The narrative, rooted in truth, was powerful.  I fell in love with the textures and images of Turkey.

It was good to get out of the house and be carried away somewhere in my head.   I think this review of the film is a candid and accurate one and I suppose ‘melodrama’ is a natural fit for me recently.  I’d recommend this movie and I’m grateful to Mary for driving and sharing this time with me.

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