Foot Rest

Foot Rest 1I felt myself falling in slow motion. Over I went and my foot remained in the hole, while my body flung over that way…to the right. I heard a sound as though a thick elastic band had just hit a wall. I looked up. The dog walker twenty feet from me walked past, hitching her brown and white collie to her lead. I was looking up from a funny angle. Max was sitting at my head, tied tight by umbilical lead. I wondered about moving. My hip was hurting. Slowly, I pulled my foot from the hole. The guy on the bike flew past me.

2 thoughts on “Foot Rest

  1. my goodness.. sounds almost exactly like what happened to me.. At school in our field, got stuck in a hole as I continued moving forward. I hope you are healing well. Major bummer to be immobile and injured.

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