April 8, 2015: Rumble House

I had spent the day continuing to dig through the heaps of ephemera that’s been blowing through my hallways and cluttering my drawers for twenty years.  As I made my way through each pile on my living room coffee table, I considered watching another episode of Mad Men and not driving down to Rumble.  “Nah,” I said to myself, “I need to see some people and have a social interaction.”  This holiday has been like a solo retreat in the mountains, probably good for me, but also quite difficult and emotional at times.

As a prelude to the Easter Triduum, I revisited the grief I have at the loss of my mother.  She was very close to me for the weeks preceding Good Friday.  I tried to pay attention, but to not cave into the feelings around the loss.  Instead, in the morning, I might pull her gold chain and cross over my head or I might sit on the edge of my bed for a few minutes and grasp a beautiful memory.  I talked to my sister a couple of times and in that way, felt fortified and stronger to face the truth.  At the celebration of the Vigil…all of the tentative feelings disappeared and I had a true sense of Mom’s presence in the eternal sense.  I felt the renewal of her mind and her body.

Anyway…back on track here, I needed to get out to my artist-peeps and so I loaded up the car and headed for the Rumble House.

There was an unfamiliar hush in the space. A short story was being read aloud at the microphone…one of several gripping tales from the recently published Tall Tales of the Weird West, written by Allan Williams, edited by his friend Axel Howerton.  You’ve got to love a good spaghetti western!

Embraced by some of the folks who make my life richer, I painted a rabbit.  I’m not going to go into the symbolism and the intellectual reasons for taking on this subject, but know that there is a huge bit of writing about the rabbit, its greatest strength as a prey animal being its powerful sense and intuition.  It responds, often, before being fully aware of danger.  It’s symbolism is written about widely and is found in a plethora of art works.

Thanks to Chriss for purchasing my piece at auction.  And, Joel Monea, what fantastical tree art…absolutely stunning!  I’m glad to have a small acquisition, but not certain it is quenching my thirst.

?????????? Young Kai designed and created a ticket booth for purchasing auction paddles.  Amazing stuff!DSC_3476 ??????????Bana shared the story of her coupled art works.  Such a blessing to hear other people’s narratives!??????????This is mine.  Love you, Jenn! DSC_3467 ?????????? DSC_3459 DSC_3458 ?????????? DSC_3454 DSC_3453 DSC_3451 ?????????? ??????????

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