A fiery shooting star flies across the midnight sky.

One sentence…and it inspires a world of ideas.  If you fill a room/ a stadium/an ocean with people…that is the number of interpretations that can be inspired by a single sentence.  It’s awesome to think of this reality…the unique personality…the original way of seeing the world…the finger print…the snowflake.

Grade 2s were given this sentence and this is how they began.  I only wish that I had photographed their final sketches. (I was too busy speaking with them about their ideas) They were so beautiful!  But, even in their beginnings, you can see that spark of creation.  You can see freedom, restraint, narrative, hope, fear, commitment, investment, challenge, introversion, extroversion, memory, idea, struggle, connection…all of it.  Enjoy.

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?????????? ?????????? I talked to most of the students about their drawings and I found the one above particularly intriguing.  The artist shared the connection between the shooting star and seeing the bright light.  Wowsah!

DSC_1972 ?????????? DSC_1965 DSC_1963 DSC_1960 DSC_1959

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