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FLYER FORCE! Really?  Forced Flyers!  Flyers Flying! Wind carrying paper to the ridge, to the pond, along the highways.  What are we doing?  A technological society…PHONES IN FACES!  People rarely look up….are they ever really present to their present company?  Why is it that flyers must be delivered to door steps?  Why don’t you look on your phones! What is the cost?  You can call to cancel your delivery.  I have many times.  And yet, with each new child employed to wrap the danged things in elastic bands, the address is not noted and again they arrive.  Each month I bow to pick up my neighbours’ flyers because they are ignored until the elastic bands rot and fall off and then the paper blows away.  Where do you suppose this paper blows? What have we become?

Please put pressure on these businesses to discontinue this form of advertisement.

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One Bag Season Start 2014

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