Losing Elma Flaherty

Elma slipped away without my knowing.  Within our family circle, she had been a forever-friend and I can not remember life without her.  And then, after my knock at her door and my entry into her home, I discovered her chair was gone.  Her things were gone. Elma was gone. And no words were left behind.

Elma passed on April 8 of 2013.  I was sitting next to my beautiful Mom in Belleville General Hospital the day that Elma passed away.

At Thanksgiving, I remember Elma because for most of twenty-five Thanksgivings, maybe thirty, Elma was sitting at my feast table, with my children and our friends.  I will remember her again this year.  I love you, Elma, and may you rest in peace.

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Elma Repairing my toilet seat. IMG_5677 Thanksgiving Dinner 2008 035 Elma in Barons July 2 2010 IMG_5565 P1040853 P1050042 P1050049


2 thoughts on “Losing Elma Flaherty

  1. Your friend looks like a very strong, interesting and interested lady. You were very fortunate to have her in your life all those years Kath and family. I cannot even begin to imagine your sense of loss. You are smart to have taken pictures. Beautiful memories! May Elma rest in peace. So sorry to all of you on your loss!!

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss of such a long time family friend Kathleen. Your eulogy is touching and it’s lovely you have a photographic remembrance as well as in your heart. Thank you for this sharing.

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