Grateful for Good Food

I just sliced some meatloaf and set it down on fresh grainy bread, slathered the bread lightly in butter and mustard and served it up with a dill pickle and a cold glass of milk.

Every day, I am grateful for the blessings of good food and water.  These are among our basic human needs, but certainly I know the difference between the abundance I enjoy and the discrepancy with what is available to most members of my global human community.

This past summer, I was blessed to have my father with me and together we enjoyed many culinary delights, both on the road and here at home.  Over the past five years, my father has become an amazing cook and he has many pointers and recipes to share.  It is a joy to sit down with good company and consume amazing food.  As we approach our family Thanksgiving feasts, let us remember to be grateful and, when possible, let us share of our abundance.

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