Thinking About Mr. Nick

I’ve been out in the studio painting this afternoon.  A short nesting session preceded the work; or did that happen in the midst of the painting?  I organized my music alphabetically  and found all of those cases with no CDs and all of those CDs without cases.

Some where in the stacks of music was a Memorex CD-R labeled Mr. Nick Mix Vol-1, so I’m supposing that there is also a 2 somewhere in the pile of music that has not been sorted yet.  This got me thinking about Wayne.

WayneI remember the day that Wayne came into my art room and passed me this collection of songs.  He was wearing shorts and sandals.  I had showed up at his classroom earlier that same week and we planned some music for the youth choir to sing at our next liturgy.  After all of that, we sat around and jammed and I played some of the folkie tunes that I had always loved so much; Seeger, the Mamas and the Papas…that sort of thing.

While I painted this afternoon, I played the Mix Vol-1 and really listened to the selections, thinking about Mr. Nick’s motivation for including them and what they might have meant to him.  I really treasured the time thinking about Wayne.

I remembered all of the joy that Wayne had brought to our students through his love of music, writing, language and coaching.  Here’s Wayne’s  play list.

1. Our God Is An Awesome God : Kirk Franklin
2. This is My Song: Petulia Clark
3. A Summer’s Song: Chad and Jeremy
4. I Need to Know: Marc Anthony
5. musical piece, no lyrics
6. I’m a Stranger Here: Five Man Electrical Band
7. The Black Velvet Band: The Irish Rovers 1967
8: Elusive Butterfly: Bob Lind 1966
9. If You’re Going to San Francisco: Scott McKenzie
10. Where Have All the Flowers Gone: Pete Seeger
11. Only the Only: Roy Orbison
12. California Dreamin’: The Mama’s & The Papas
13. Abraham, Martin, & John by Marvin Gay
14. Classical Gas: Mason Williams 1969
15. musical piece, no lyrics
16. Across the Universe: The Beatles

Sometimes the angels just love to connect…it is a forever circle, this circle we find ourselves on!

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