Big Fish Landing in my Bucket List

Big Fish

Poser…42 Market Street, North Bay, Ontario with his 14 pound lake trout!

I’ve always wanted to fish with my Dad.  I remember going out a few times with him and my brothers, trying to bait a hook…that sort of thing, but no HUGE memory of a fishing experience.  Fishing with Cliff, Dad and Cayley in August exceeded all of my dreams.  A beautiful August day and we headed out to Kitty Coleman.

P1180502I highly recommend Cliff’s Chinook Charters for an experience that you will not soon forget.  Bring people you love…it is an awesome experience to share with one another!  And women…make it a ladie’s event.  You can do this thing!


A perfect day!


If you have time, watch this wee video diddy…it was a super nightmare to try to upload.  And yes, I agree…I’d like music on the final bits from the word ‘blessing’ as well…but heck if I could figure out how to do that!  And don’t under ANY circumstances, point out the bracket following the word magic on the final slide!!



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