Alright, the neighbourhood is booming with fledglings of every sort and Mr. & Mrs. of every nest, freaking out about the flying faux pas!  Blackbirds…maybe grackles…whatever-they-are are not my favourites when it comes to their demeanor at the bird feeder.  However, they too, are struggling with their youngsters.  I couldn’t understand what all of the ruckus was about, but then found that Mrs. was yapping away at this youngster, sitting, paralyzed with fear on my backyard fence.  Enter Kath into the back yard and the loud Max-barking from inside the house, and this wee guy left the fence to light into one of May’s branches.  In taking a look at the fledgling’s tail feathers, I’d say that something is terribly wrong and that he isn’t doing well with flight, as a result.

The community of blackbirds is taking great interest in the poor guy’s foibles.  When I left them, he was sitting atop another neighbour’s garage roof, storm clouds gathering to the west.  I learned recently that it is a major accomplishment for a magpie to live beyond one year…there are so many natural and person-made challenges that await them.  I suppose it is a good thing for the parents to hatch as many eggs as possible to increase the chances of any survival at all.  I continue to be amazed by the happenings in nature.

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