June 20, 2014 In the Back Yard Garden

The first peony has bloomed. Blooming flowers in the gardens make me so happy, but as one thing stops blooming and another starts, one is reminded again of the passage of time and also the seasons. Anticipating summer, with such enthusiasm this year, causes a sort of hesitation in the gardens.  Beginnings lead to endings…and then new beginnings.  It all moves so fast.

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P1170352 P1170346



Oriental Poppies soon to bloom.


Asparagus progressing through a number of years…first harvest, likely next year.


What asparagus looks like as it sprouts from seed…years to establish a strong root system.


Second batch of rhubarb harvested this morning and stewing with strawberries on the stove top right now.


Mary’s strawberry plants blooming…dug four plants up when I attended her funeral in Lethbridge…now have a beautiful patch of plants.


Fresh basil.


The sunshine brought bees to pollinate this morning…a beautiful sight.

P1170315 P1170316 P1170317 P1170318 P1170319 P1170321 P1170340

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