Alright…one project done and before I’m onto the next…a few pointers.  I have enjoyed researching and reading about different approaches to repainting and up-scaling furniture.  I enjoyed this writer’s objective approach to some of the suggested chalk paint techniques.  While I used the paint, I didn’t distress the pieces I worked on this week, simply because sometimes less is better.

This was day two and I have to say, this day was the physical day.  Rubbing wax into surfaces is hard work, but it was a very satisfying day because of the results.  I have lots of latex paint left in this colour to complete my headboard and baseboard as art furniture, featuring a study of Marc Chagall’s work, Big Sun.

Big_Sun_Marc_ChagallWhen I call my work art furniture, this would be an example.

W. Kandinsky dresser for my percussionist-son.

W. Kandinsky dresser for my percussionist-son.

I have a vintage vanity that I picked up through Freecycle; that will dawn Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflowers.  I’ve begun to prime this piece and done some clamping of the drawers.


sunflowers2About today…

The two coats of chalk paint were completely dry.  I put the drawers into the dressers so that I could see each object in its entirety.  This makes it easier to discern how busy the piece is becoming.  Honestly, distressed furniture can feel too cliche, if not treated with a great deal of attention while making decisions.  After today, I would call the process ‘contouring’ the furniture.  I used clear paste wax for the tops (no stain) so that the tops would welcome natural light onto their surfaces.  I applied a clear paste wax coat to all surfaces to begin with.  Then, where I wanted to accentuate a detail or say that the contour was ‘going in’, I used my clear paste wax mixed with a little stain. (It really didn’t take much.)  In the case of my dressers, I chose a cherry wood stain for its warmth, thinking it would complement the copper sort of wall paint.

P1170272 P1170270P1170293I tore up a t shirt and used one rag for clear wax only and the other for wiping into my stained wax.  I quickly removed excess stain, considering the marks and the depth of the colour as I went.  At edges where two surfaces met, I left stain…as I moved out into the center of the surface, I left the pure chalk paint colour.


Small home made night stand that I picked up at WIN for 3.00.

The rubbing action left me fully prepared for a run at Netflix and a glass of wine.  Quite a workout!  I will leave the wax to set overnight and fill the drawers in the morning.




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