Spring Break…

…painting Walls.

I took this morning off.

Max and I did a round at Frank’s Flats.  There was a chill, but it was so wonderful to get out there and move!  Both of us enjoyed it.  The two of us have been on a retreat, of sorts, along with Peanut-the-cat who is always on retreat!  Max broke one of his claws, to the bleed, on ice, at the start of vacation, so I’ve been wrapping his paw for our modified walks ever since.  And I decided at the start of vacation to paint two of the upstairs bedrooms that have been sporting colours that are dark and lacking cheer.  So, the three of us have been intensely together and I have been involved in the Lenten meditation of painting walls.

The thing about painting walls, with a border collie in close proximity (wandering in with his throw-baby and putting it down again and again in front of my two liter of paint), is that the ritual must begin each time with a vacuum of the area.  And so, unlike past years and zillions of wall-painting experiences, this one has been dragging.  (And you know what the rest of the house looks like when you decide to paint walls, right?)

Anyway….I’m sitting here, ready for the next attack!  I’m eating a home made Caesar salad…squeeze of lemon…ground pepper…lots of garlic!  The floors have been vacuumed throughout the house.  Max is sleeping calmly on his Bambi. (every dog has its place…and Bambi is Max’s place).  Posting some photos of the process and then off I go.

How did you spend Spring break?

The hidden monsters…and something you can not see, unless you are there, washing the  walls! Blahhhh!

P1150927 P1150928Dark Colours and filling holes!

P1150923 P1150924 P1150925Taping base boards, around doors and windows…YUCK! P1150926Cutting in edges with primer!

P1150934 P1150933 P1150932 P1150931 P1150929Rolling primer…

P1150935 P1150936 P1150937 P1150938 Last night, at 10:30…while cutting in my colour, I knocked over my two liters of paint, and with response time being less than ideal, spilled one third of the can over THAT hardwood floor.  This is the floor, after clean-up.  Needless to say, this was the whole reason I am now, finally beginning today’s work.  I considered paying someone to do this work…heh, but then I wouldn’t be having these sorts of experiences!  Have a good weekend, folks!  Stay tuned for photos of the completed projects!P1150939


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