Peanut Meister

This little man takes the back seat to big Maxfield most of the time.  When Max and I head out the door for Frank’s Flats, Peanut takes up residence at the front window, waiting for the two of us to return and is at the door to greet us upon our return.  In the morning, he looks for me to lift my covers and welcome him in next to my warmth…he curls in and purrs and sounds so content. After no more than five minutes passes, he makes his way out to his world. In the evening, he grooms his brother Max…licks his face and his ears and then takes up his spot next to my feet.  He’s been my bud since 1998 and seen the loss of his best friend in life, Laurie-dog.  Peanut is a blessing-cat and I love him.

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