Second Stop: Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

The second space on Love Art in Calgary’s tour yesterday was the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery, tucked away in a quiet residential area in the NW.  Anna Ostberg was very gracious as she shared with us the birthing of her dreams, the history of the gallery, her journey as an artist, mother, wife and business woman and the lively programs celebrated within The Purple Door Art Studio.

P1150814Presently on exhibit, the Bee Kingdom Collective’s Gold!  If you’ve followed my blog over so many years, you will know that I have written about this Collective of glass blowers for a long time now…and I never get tired of the enthusiasm and the positivity that this group of young men generates in our community.

From the ACAD website, this, specific to GOLD.

March 7 – 29, 2014
Roberto Ostberg Gallery | Calgary

Bee Kingdom’s Gold exhibition largely draws from mythology, and its glittery power. The glassblowing collective’s signature style is in abundance in Gold! Tim Belliveau uses new sculpting techniques to create creatures like the mythological winged-Pegasus and the alchemical Green Lion. Phillip Bandura explores the material’s value in society while flaunting his taste for gold and glitter in pieces such as Golden City and Golden Torches. Ryan Marsh Fairweather continues to build on his Weathermachines universe referencing the Hindu Cosmic Egg (also known as the Golden Cosmic Egg), a creation story of the universe. Fairweather has created colourful Cosmic Eggs of his own as well as brand new, super cute, egg-shaped Joybears!

Yesterday, Phillip Bandura shared a wealth of enthusiasm and information about the Bee Kingdom’s process, history and experience.  I was most impressed by his open, humourous and generous presentation.  In fact, as I look at my friend, Wendy’s photograph below…I’d have to conclude that I am completely captivated by Phillip’s talk. My friend, also in the photo, is no less fascinated.

Phillip Bandura talkIt seems during most encounters with the Bee Kingdom Collective,  it is very busy in the hive and I don’t have opportunity to truly connect with the guys.  I thought it was a bonus, on tour, that finally I was able to hear Phillip’s story about his own body of work.  I feel like I know him a bit better as an artist and a friend.  So, thank you, Wendy Lees, for that opportunity.

Still on my list, to learn about Tim Belliveau’s new process…the green glass is intriguing.

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