studio 122: A ‘Happening’ Kind of Place!

From Kensington, I hooked up with friends Heather and Desere and attended the opening for a fabulous collection of photographs curated for MUSE at studio 122!  Presently, Exposure is in full swing in Calgary, Banff and Canmore and I have to say that I was really excited by the studio 122 exhibit!

Directly from the Exposure 2014 website, this…

Exposure: Calgary Banff Canmore Photography Festival is a registered non-profit established in 2004 by the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies to encourage the broader Calgary-Banff- Canmore community to consciously examine, question, and appreciate the medium of photography.

Each February, Exposure provides a festival focus to exhibit a diversity of photographic imagery by involving as many entities within the community as possible. Anyone willing to create a meaningful photography-based program, exhibit, or event is welcome. To date, Exposure has united educators, independent artists, and public and private galleries, aided by the generous support of businesses, media partners, and the City of Calgary.

Exposure also programs lectures, panel discussions, and workshops to encourage more thoughtful image making by practicing photographers and to raise important questions about photography.

Exposure’s activity infuses vitality to the Calgary, Banff and Canmore winter cultural scene, nurtures a sense of collectorship, and invites an expanding audience to experience the positive aesthetic and intellectual ways that serious photography can shape their lives.

Last night’s opening was the fourth installment of Muse, this year, a collaborative photographic exhibition by photographers Jason Eng, Greg Gerla, Colin Way, Julya Hajnoczky, Bryce Meyer, John Gaucher, Gerard Yunker, Lori Andrews, and Dan Bannister. Opening night enjoyed a surge of guests as an unforgettable event unfolded with music, food, and a unique showcase of work.

I had my favourites in this exhibit, beginning with Colin Way’s Wallflowers.  I also admired the wee tintype prints produced by Greg Gerla.  While I don’t know the process, Bryce Meyer produced two sepia toned pieces layered in encaustic that were absolutely beautiful!

Located at 4029 – 8th Street S.E., Calgary, the exhibit closes on February 20.
T: 403-519-8446


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    • Your work…and I only refer to the Wallflowers because I haven’t had the opportunity to see them before (Where have I been? Thank goodness for Exposure!) is jarring! In a crowd of zillions, your photographs froze me where I stood, engaged me and wouldn’t let me go! Thanks for your boundless creative spirit.

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